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Thrilling Power Up

After a power outage my Mac Mini Power supply gave up the ghost. Part Haven had what I needed at a good price and fast standard shipping (Arrived in 2 days). Other suppliers had 3 and 4 week lead times and Customer Service interaction was great. Thanks very much. My Mac is Happy Again!

Apple Retina Display

Totally satisfied with the whole experience!

MacPro 5,1 backplane board

Fast shipping, product as described, installed and working great !


CPU worked great, and delv. Time was great also.

Good Service

Many thanks, product and Service as per describe, clear and transparent with all tracking and shipping information

Like a gluuuuve

Swapped out my the decade old iMac's power supply with Part Haven's replacement and BAM it boots up first try and has been flawless since. FixIt.com is a good place for guides too.

Genuine Dell Battery for XPS 13" 9350

Excelent service

Outstanding service! Thank you!

Good iMac 21.5" A1311 Mid 2010 LCD Screen Panel LED LM215WF3 (sd)(a1) (SD)(B1)

the best product

excellent product, in better conditions than expected.

Nice and Good products

Everything come rights and perfect match with the description

2 thumps up

The MacBook bottom case exactly like It had been described would definitely recommend this seller and they have my business from now on

great Replacement!! A++

Thank you for the prompt shipment, and reliable product. I had to replace a broken DVD drive in my Mac Pro. Not only did this fit perfectly, and was in very good used condition, it was the exact same model I pulled out of my 11 year old Mac!!

worked better than expected and arrived quickly

worked better than expected and arrived quickly. Would definitely order computer parts again when necessary from Part Haven.

Logic board for macbook air 13 (1.8GHz 4Gb) 2012

Got this board from Part Haven at a decent price. Since I was not very confident about this purchase at the price indicated I had to write to Part Haven to make sure abut the item as well as the site authenticity. I did get a nice reply about the product following which I had ordered it to reach a friend in the US. There was very prompt shipping and delivery. But I am in India and am still waiting for the item to be handed over to me. That will take some time. I might submit a separate review later. But I love their service.

Airport Extreme wifi

The wifi card works great and for a really low price.

Good condition but didn’t work

First let me start by saying the ordering process went smoothly. I received several updates as to the status of my order and shipment there of. When the item came, (which was fairly quick), it was packaged professionally in an anti static sealed bag, then wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap. The item itself looked brand new, I knew going in that it was a used part when I bought it. But since my computer was almost 11 years old, finding a new card would be cost prohibitive. So I was expecting a slightly blemished etc condition, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it, it looked brand new. Some back ground on why I needed a new graphics card. My original card started acting up, periodic colored pixels or squares would randomly flash, this got progressively worse as time went on. Then it would freeze the screen or even cause the computer to restart. I could get it to work, but only for short little applications like checking email, word processing etc, but whenever I would tax it the problems would start back in. So I took out my old card and put in the replacement. When I turned on my Mac, I could kinda see the back light was working, but all monitor activity was nonfunctional. Blank screen. Took it apart, checked all connections, still nothing. Put my old card back in, it worked, but still had its issues. This was an exact make and model replacement card so I can only assume it’s just DOA. So that’s where it stands now. Like I said, my computer is 11 years old and I was trying to extend its life a little more as other than the video issue there was really nothing else of note wrong with it.

Genuine Apple iMac 21.5" A1418 Power Supply ADP-185BF T

Genuine Apple iMac 21.5" A1418 Power Supply ADP-185BF T

FireCuda 3.5" Hard Drive ST000DX002 2DV164-300 2,000 GB - Formatted for Apple

Arrived safely and working fine !! Thanks again !

iMac 27" A1419 Late 2012-2013 LCD Screen Temp Sensor

iMac panel screws

Hey, they fit with some force. Not sure if Apple purposely makes all their tech diy proof or if the threading was just a little misaligned, but getting 8 of those on the back of the iMacs hinge took some serious effort. Nearly stripped all of T10 bits.