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Moving away from eBay

We have started the transition of moving our core business away from eBay.  Going forward will be listing new inventory first to our website and then to eBay.  There are several reasons for this and we would like to share those reasons with you.

First and foremost, is delivering in demand products to our repeat customers.   We have found that in the eBay market place we have no way of letting our loyal customers have first shot at those products in the highest demand.

Second, is that we no longer wish to put all our hard work into building eBay’s brand.  They are working hard to create an anonymous network of buyers and sellers.  All the effort we put into to customer service helps eBay build their brand not ours.

Third, we feel constrained by having to meet all of eBay’s communication restrictions, their censorship of between us and our customers makes working together more complicated and putting together transactions that don’t meet eBay’s cookie cutter model impossible.

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