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About Us

How it all began….

A spilled soda in Macbook Pro, a computer paid for with student loans for my wife’s education. 

This was around 2006 and neither parts or repair manuals were easy to find. Apple wanted almost as much as a new computer to repair it, so I decided to take it apart and see if I could fix it.

What I found was that really all that was broken was the keyboard and track pad. After trying in vain to find the replacement parts at a reasonable price I decided fixing it was not a viable solution. I listed the good parts on ebay and earned enough money to replace it. 

Just a few weeks later one of my wife’s classmates MacBook suffered a similar fate and after helping her sell the good parts are of her broken machine a new business idea was born.  

Although today the scale is larger the core of what we do is the same. Find broken computers, diagnose the problem, test the good parts and get those good parts into the hands of people so they can economically repair their computer.

We take pride in knowing that every computer that comes through our door is used to keep several machines from becoming eWaste.