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iMac pull never overclocked - Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0 GHz Quad Core CPU (SR219)

  • Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770S 3.10GHz Quad Core CPU Processor (SR0PN) LGA 1155

    Fully Tested and backed by our 30 day Warranty.

  • Brand:  Intel
    Wattage:  [[CPU Wattage]]
    Lithography:  [[CPU Lithography]]
    Hyper Threading:  [[CPU Hyper Threading]]
    Model:  Devil's Canyon
    Processor Type: Core i7
    Base Frequency: 4 GHz
    Turbo Frequency: [[CPU Turbo Frequency]]

    L2 Cache:  [[L2 Cache]]
    L3 Cache:  8 MB
    Bus Speed: 5 GT/s DMI
    Number of Cores: 4
    Number of Threads: [[CPU Number of Threads]]
    Product Collection: [[CPU Product Collection]]
    Code Name: [[CPU Code Name]]
    Socket Type:  LGA 1150/Socket H3
    MPN:  i7-4790K
  • MF886LL/A

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